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Today´s business management requires the ability to access information as quickly as the business changes. From strategic decisions to day-to-day decision making processes, every part of the organization needs to analyze the company´s results and behavior to decide where to focus, what is going wrong, and what is going to be wrong according to observed tendencies. Sales, marketing, finances, human resources, procurement, operations, customer service, IT, executive management, even the board of directors - everyone needs answers to new and changing questions, right now.

Radial Viewer is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) solution that provides powerful, personalized, multi-dimensional query and reporting facilities for your data. Radial Viewer has a unique, intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface (US Patent Pending) that enables business users to rapidly become more efficient, provide better decision support and deliver the benefits of their findings throughout their organization, without the need to become experts in multidimensional data analysis, database management, query definition on SQL, or similar technical skills.


A knowledge worker without specialized technical skills can build reports and dashboards like this one in about two minutes.



Radial Viewer offers business users an intuitive, user friendly cube visualization interface that requires minimal training to obtain productive results.   Without technical assistance or intervention, an end user will be able to define, publish and access their own reports and dashboards, changing and mixing variables, in just a few minutes.   The specific reports the user needs will be available immediately, as well as every change needed.  With Radial Viewer, the analysis reporting requests to IT will end.

Radial Viewer provides an intuitive, user friendly interface that allows business users to play with their data to impact the bottom-line.


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