Some of our customers

“GaussSoft has been crucial in helping us identifying our critical services, allowing process standardization in our more than 20 hospitals, and growing our services by more than 10% serving more people more efficiently”



“We compete globally … knowing and managing our costs with GaussSoft is essential for us to remain competitive". “GaussSoft’s positive impact was so great and the system is so simple to use that the company absorbed the cost culture very quickly driving our global competitiveness”.



“GaussSoft give us a robust and powerful business intelligence tool that will address our needs as we continue to grow.”



“GaussSoft has been great to work with... We are very excited about the results we have achieved.”



“The ability to cut and manipulate data into meaningful reports has been great” … “Great service and listening to customers is one of this company's best attributes. They have helped take the reporting pressure off my department and have given others in my company the power to obtain relevant and accurate information on demand.”



“…In this market, sensitivity to price is very high. GaussSoft is the strategic tool we use to establish price and analyze the competitiveness of every product. Some of the most important decisions Diaco makes—price setting, discontinuing a product or supplier renegotiation—rely on information provided by GaussSoft Profit”.



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