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In HFMA 2015 the consensus is that cost containment is right now a priority for US hospitals. The USA healthcare industry is transforming from top line revenue focus (fee for service) to a bottom line margin focus (pay for value). The transformation is driven by the fiscal need to improve healthcare value: quality outcomes at a lower cost. Pressure is building up.


Hospitals can only manage what they measure. You can’t really set your prices right, improve your supply chain or make any bottom line decisions if your costs aren’t precise and detailed enough. Measuring the cost variability of a procedure for each physician uncovers real cost savings.  



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Profitability by physician


Capturing a procedure’s realistic margin by physician as shown in the below figure highlights real savings and promotes collaboration in continuous cost improvement. 



Profitability by physician in the Urology department


Why is the same procedure performed in green by some doctors and red by others? Answering these questions leads to big improvements in a short time.


GaussHealth: Natural Flow Costing ™ 


According to the 2015 Strategic Cost Control Survey conducted by the HealthLeaders media, 60% respondents say that “lack of data on the true costs of providing care is the No 1 barrier to sustainable cost reductions”.



To reduce the amount of complexity and financial data to analyze, current performance management and decision support products resort to simple DRG level cost averages and aggregates. This cost detail tradeoff unfortunately hides the true cost of care.


Exploiting all the financial and EHR data, GaussHealth’s breakthrough, Natural Flow CostingTM   NFC solves this challenge with a scalable solution that can productively handle the tons of financial data and complexity through: 


  • Graphical cost models that can in minutes analyze the millions of patient’s episode-of-care costs to replicate the natural flow of costs in a hospital, over multiple years, and
  • Implementing and achieving first results in 10 weeks. 



 GaussHealth is a generic solution that allows you to easily and graphically implement old Activity Based Costing (ABC) or TD-ABC models, or to enhance your existing ones to a Natural Flow Costing model.

The top level of an NFC graphical model for a typical hospital

with over 4,000 procedures and millions of patient’s episode-of-care


 Proven 10x ROI





"GaussHealth has been crucial in helping us grow our services 

by more than 11% in our 20 hospitals... also we can
serve more people more efficiently"


Planning Department. $1B multihospital hospital group







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