GaussProfit - Profit and Cost Analysis and Simulation



GaussProfit logGaussProfit  (Profit and Cost Analysis and Simulation) is the best Profit and Cost Analysis solution today. It supports bigger and more complex models, runs up to 100 times faster and takes a fraction of the time to implement. Unique visualizations and specialized analytics provide insights you would not get with other tools.

It helps companies:


  • Discover which products, services, customers, regions or distribution channels are making money and which aren’t, and why.
  • Analyze and plan performance and capacity of their resources and processes.
  • Make bottom line decisions like creating or discontinuing products, opening or closing plants, pricing, salary management, resource allocation or distribution strategies.
  • Quickly test the impact of bottom line decisions
  • Basically make more money.


Awarded in 2014 by SAP HANA Startup team in Palo Alto, CA as the "Most innovative Solution", GaussProfit can support standalone models, or run on top of your Profit Data such as SAP CO-PA, to have better visualizations, get profitable insights and run high impact simulations.



GaussProfit is being used by US Department of Defense (Navy, Army), Banks, Manufacturers, Hospitals, Services, Government, Utilities, Retail and all sorts of companies that understand that profitability and cost performance are an essential component for driving growth and financial health.

The following series of screenshots are just an approximation of how this powerful is:


The company can be divided into Sections

gaussPAS2 Each section contains a sub-model which is connected to other sub-models. This allows building and navigating easily though big models, consisting of 100,000s of elements in up to 500 allocation levels.

Each cost object will have a fully detailed Profit and Loss (P. and L. ) with the same account structure as the company´s

GaussProfit allows tracing any particular account backward or forward in the model or through time. This allows finding very easily the root cause of anything.

Integrated Analytics and Simulation will help you get insights and make profitable decisions you couldn´t make in any other tool. Solar Graphs with Profit bubbles allow visualizing profitability from top to bottom (summary to detail) with great context in one single screen

Solar Graphs with Growth rings allow visualizing growth, changes and compliance using many dimensions with great context in one single screen

1000 in 1 graph can display up to 30,000 (yes you are reading right) resources, activities, products or customers in one single screen. Interaction allows highlighting the elements that have certain conditions, making the discovery of problems or opportunities immediate.

Advanced Interactive XY graphs with histograms provide an even deeper view of how where the bulk of the hidden profit is, where are the problems and opportunities.


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