Activity Report - Time and Activity Tracking


GaussSoft Activity Report is a tool for time and activity reporting that presents predefined easy-to-use and easy-to-learn customizable layouts so every user can report his daily activities in less than 2 minutes.

This tool allows every employee in the company to specify the time spent on every activity and on which product, customer, project, area or predefined object it was spent. This hi-resolution information can be analyzed using Radial Viewer, our Business Intelligence software.

The results allow monitoring and controlling process metrics, like the following: How many man-hours does your company spend in processes like accounts receivable, product design, product development, and customer support or staff meetings?


ActivityReport eng Can you tell by customer or by product? With Activity Report you can get accurate metrics for business performance management, including trends and details by customer, product or area. Next time you make an estimate or a plan, or redefine service prices, you have accurate and detailed information.
With Activity Report you can know how much of employees time is sp ent in activities which add value to the company, and know if they are being efficient (time spent by every unit of output). With Activity Report you will know if you have capacity problems or not. You can also have benchmarking about performance, and answer questions like: Does the west region require more time in customer support per customer than other regions? Which employees are less efficient compared to others? Why? Is this customer a real pain?

Our experience shows that just by using Activity Report, employees become more responsible and efficient. At the end of the day they are accountable for theit time, and it has to match a certain production level. Lets say a certain employee writes 4 hours doing design X. If after a week he has accumulated 60 hours doing design X, but the design X is nor complete or is a drag, something doesn't match. If he didn't report the actual hours for that activity (because he didn't deliver), he must replace that time with another activity, but again: where is that output? The result is that the best option of every employee is to be truthful and to be efficient.

Activity Report allows you to have accurate cost control: When used with GaussSoft PAS you can get accurate cost per resource, activity, process, area, project, customer, product, service and any other custom defined object.



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