GaussMetrics - KPI, BSC and Metrics Dashboards



CEOs, executives and anyone making decisions require an immediate 360° degrees view of the organization, from summary to detail, covering all areas such as sales, finances, operations, quality and human resources. Traditionally this would require opening and consulting multiple dashboards and reports.

GaussMetrics provides the same information of 10,000 traditional dashboards and not having IT to build a single one Designed exclusively for executives, it gets rid of the complexities of traditional business intelligence (BI), GaussMetrics uses a perfect combination of science, technology and art, focusing on what really matters when running a business. This effort includes new innovative interactive graphs and tools.

The executives’ user experience is based on a very intuitive interface that displays only what is needed. The logic for compliance, performance, trends, is already built-in and ready to use, so there is no need for long complex projects.

Bring your projects beyond Balanced Score Card,
Business Canvas Model,
Business Intelligence,
Key Performance Indicators!