GaussSoft Planning - Financial Planning and Budgeting

Budgeting implies the successive consolidation of many partial budgets prepared by different people from different areas within the company over interrelated elements.

GaussSoft Planning facilitates the process of definition, approval and control of your companies’ budgeting and financial planning process, involving directly as many people as necessary without concerns of the information unification and verification


Being highly flexible and with the power of information consolidation, GaussSoft Planning makes your process of budget definition and approval much faster, avoiding the long and tedious verification and correction processes with spread sheets. In a single model you can involve people from the administrative, commercial, operative, financial and other departments, each collaborating with their portion, and the system will automatically consolidate all the information.


GaussSoft Planning will provide you the capability to control execution vs budget, making adjustments as required, and easily executing simulations. Planning your process, preparing and approving will go from months to weeks, saving you and your company a lot of time and effort, allowing you to focus on control and information analysis.