inGeenio - Inventory Performance Analysis

...What is the Return on Investment of each product? Do you have excess or deficit of inventory? Are you buying too much, too frequently? ...or too little? Do all your products have good performance? If a product starts moving slow, how long will it take for your company to notice?


Typical manufacturing companies may have 6 inventory turns per year. High volume/low margin companies (like supermarkets) can have 12 inventory turns per year or more. Very “lean” and efficient companies can reach more than 30 (like Dell, Toyota or Amazon)... Truth is high performance does not happen by luck.


Popular knowledge indicates if your prices are lower you will compensate a minor sales margin with the total earnings due to higher sales volume. In the current competitive environment this is no longer enough: A product with higher sales volume and lower margin can be not as good as a group of products with lower sales and lower margin but with higher speed. In order to stay competitive there must be a balance between four parameters: Earnings, Speed, Volume, as well as Service Level.



inGeenio connects to your inventory-logistics level and daily calculates and updates all indicators (inventory turns, stock-outs, inventory level, sales, age, GMROI), to a high level of detail for each product in each warehouse, so with an amazing level of visibility you can make perfectly informed decisions on cash, replenishment policies, prices, product portfolio, promotions, sales force, and more.


When data is monitored in short periods of time for demand, speed, profit and service levels trends can be identified when they happen, not at the end of the month or quarter, when the response will be late and less effective.



Only inGeenio will show you what matters with the depth, precision, opportunity and relevance required. Not any other tool will show what, how, when, where and why things happens and how to solve, enhance and grow your opportunities.