What´s up with the bottom line?

Today, knowing quickly in sufficient detail what drives
profitability is critical to business success.

From tons of financial data across the
entire enterprise GaussSoft´s products
let mangers make & implement

profitable decisions

In seconds, insights for profitable decisions

Quickly discover insights with a big payback

Bottom line Insights are only possible because of 1,000x faster
simulation of enterprise financial models than current products.

In less than a month, create your entire enterprise’s financial allocation models and get results.

Gain new insights that
you had not even considered


For the first time, view your entire enterprise´s operational
financials easily highlighting over 30,000 items for instant insights to discover hidden profit.


For confidence, trace-back the insights to validate their sources
and even test the impact of your decision before implementation.

"GaussSoft has been crucial in helping us grow our services
by more than 10% in our 20 hospitals... also we can
serve more people more efficiently"


GaussProfit helps hospitals improve their bottom line typically by 50%.

For the first time, managers can precisely and immediately know the profitability of the many complex services and procedures for each insurance company. They can even design new profitable services they may not have even considered.

"We compete globally ... knowing and managing our costs
with GaussSoft is essential for us to remain competitive"


GaussProfit improves the bottom line of manufacturing and logistics companies by 30%

Profit and cost insights that are only possible with breakthrough simulation capabilities that precisely account for the manufacturing process, inventory, and supply chain logistics. View your entire enterprise on a tablet.

GaussSoft helps us find synergies and efficiencies to grow the
bottom line in all our companies across several countries"

"For the first time, we can make sure that
every new project is profitable"

Financial Services

GaussProfit easily captures useful insights that improves the bottom line of banks and financial institutions by 30%

The sheer volume and complexity requires a solution that, has easily created precise models that reflect such key factors as revenue reallocation and government reserves.