SAP Startups most Innovative Award



GaussSoft wins SAP
Startups most innovative Award


In March 2014, SAP held its first Startup Forum in Palo Alto, CA, in the heart of Si Valley.  It was one of several forums that SAP holds to provide startups with information and support for their products to exploit SAP HANA.  SAP Forum.

Profitable insights in seconds

We became interested in working with SAP HANA because of a large manufacturing SAP customer had wanted it as part of GaussSoft’s solution. This customer required profit and cost analysis in seconds with copious amounts of ERP (from multiple SAP sites) and financial data using complex financial models. Their goal was to be able to enable their executives in seconds to arrive at profitable decisions based on insights gleaned across their entire enterprise from GaussSoft’s Profit Analysis and Simulation PAS product.

In a day and 2 months

In one day, the Startup meeting provided us with basic SAP HANA information, contacts and a great Q&A. We could actually determine what would be needed for a successful integration, and more importantly the right knowledgeable person to contact.  Armed with this information, in a little over 2 months we completed the process and our product is now running on SAP HANA, ready to offer our customers a great solution in partnership with an ERP market leader, SAP.  The last step is obtaining SAP HANA certification.

Icing on the Cake

During the forum each startup had a chance to talk about their companies and do product demos. GaussSoft received the award for the Most Innovative Startup: the icing on the cake. 

Customer focus

As most startups know working with large companies can be like dancing with a 400 pound gorilla: you will get stepped on.  Instead the SAP Startup team was focused on the customer and the delivery of a great customer solution.  This focus helped us to get the information and support needed in all phases, from integrating with SAP HANA to marketing and sales support.


We are looking forward to continuing to enhance our SAP HANA partnership in delivering fun to use products with a great user experience for our customers. With a breakthrough in analysis performance and the access of an entire enterprise’s financial and operational data, compelling new capabilities are possible that allow our customers in today’s rapidly changing economy to significantly improve their profitability.

Special thanks to the SAP Startup Forum team--